NoHo PAC is a hidden gem located in the heart of NoHo’s Arts District. This 5,000 square foot facility contains three spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Each space has heating and air conditioning throughout; all sound systems are iPod compatible; and computer-link ups are available with each system.

NoHo PAC caters to all artistic professions from dance to photography. If you are looking for a fresh and inspiring space to create your masterpiece, this is the venue for you.

Yoga Studio

What is YIN?

Yin, the original yoga, is long-held, breath-filled postures done on the floor. It is meant to prepare one for comfortable sitting in meditation, but it is so much more. Yin is incredibly therapeutic for hips, low back and shoulders. It creates deep phasic changes in the connective tissues, the ligaments and cartilage through the long holds. This cannot happen in vinyasa. PLUS, yin calms the mind like nobody’s business and who doesn’t need that in this busy world. Never done yoga? Perfect. Bound tight like a drum from athletics? Just plain wound up from stress? We’re here for you. Your body should be your comfortable home base. Yin makes it that. Beginner yogis recommended. A wonderful compliment to all your workouts, your yoga practice, and to elevate all aspects of your life.
YIN goes deep. No mud, no lotus.


Class Descriptions:

Yin NOHO: 70 minutes

Simple postures done on the floor, with the aid of blocks, straps, blankets and a heated room. Yin is this: Take the posture and find the edge in it, tune into your breath, hold for time (3-5 minutes) until the tension releases and you are invited into a new spaciousness in your body. This class is incredibly therapeutic for hips, low back and
shoulders. Open from the outside in. Includes a 10 minute meditation. All levels.

Yin NOHO Stretch: 60 minutes

Color outside the lines. Melt into each posture and beyond. Rather than finding the edge in each posture, we take a soft approach. The body mellows into the posture from the outside in. Blocks, straps, blankets and heat help you expand and make space where there was none. The skin breathes, the muscles oxygenate, everything slows down and the mind opens. Generous servings of ahh factor available. All levels.

Yin NOHO Flow: 60 minutes

If your mind is obsessed, and your stress level is on the ceiling, we unwrap you with 12 yin postures connected by simple vinyasa flow. We get a little more heat and tapas into the body from the inside out so the muscles are super supple as you move into the longer holds, opening the joints, ligaments, cartilage. Ride the Yin, leave your mind behind. Okay, so it is nirvana by the time you are done. All levels.



Rental Rates for NoHo PAC

Lounge (40×24) – $40/hour

Recording Studio – $60/hour *Sound Engineer included*

Event Space (50×40) – $60/hour


Half Day Rate: 6 hour slot – $900

Full Day Rate: 10 hour slot – $1,800

Additional Event Rental Charges

Event Concierge or Sound Technician: $25/hour ($27/hour if event is longer than 10 hours)

Prices for above are per staff member

Janitorial Fee for Lounge or Event Space only – $75

Janitorial Fee for Lounge + Event Space – $150

Event Policies

If you desire to serve alcohol at your event, you can do so. Wine & Beer is
allowed but all liquor is prohibited. We do require security for all events
with alcohol. In which case, you will be responsible for providing security.

All vendors must be approved by NoHo PAC prior to your event.

NoHo PAC Staffing
An Event Concierge is required for all events. They will be present 1 hour
prior to your event start time & 1 hour after your event end time. A
technician is required for all events that require use of the sound board &/
or projector.

We do require 1 hour load-in & 1 hour load out for all events therefore,
your rental time will begin 1 hour prior to your event start time & end 1
hour after your event end time. We do not rent after 12am.

Additional Event Charges
There is a $150 Janitorial fee for all events.

Security Deposit
There is a 50% security deposit required upon booking for all events. This
security deposit is fully refundable if the venue is returned to it’s original
condition after your event.


Contact Us

For general inquiries and site appointments, please contact for more information or fill out a booking request form & we will contact you with more information! In your email, please include the following:
– Type of event
– Date(s) you are interested in
– Telephone Number
– Any questions you have about the facilities”




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